Tuesday, February 21, 2012


To dream again of days and nights,

Fantasies that are my own,

Or those long lost, from days gone,

From where I’ll never know.

To believe just to believe,

And not because I’m told.

To not have life broken down,

Like some formula.

And be more than flesh and blood.

To live, and hope, and love.

To know the gentle touch of angels,

And of faeries all around,

Of might and magic, and of dragons,

Not just what’s been found.

To believe in God and the Devil,

Battling for our souls.

And in goodness and in laughter,

A world so wondrous to behold.

To believe in all your heart’s desires,

Hope and pray and come to be

A people that are more than people,

A people who know how to dream.


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