Friday, March 2, 2012

A Place with Names

A place with names, that’s where I’ll go,

Through the looking glass.

I walk with frenzy, my pace is sleek,

My hopes and dreams beyond my reach.

But what do I see, a glaring light,

Stabbing blood and backwashed germs.

A glistening of stars up high.

Nerves and anger gripping me.

It makes no sense, it’s all jumbled.

Words they form inside my head.

But what are words, and thoughts unsure,

Babbling and daffodils.

It gets worse the more I wander,

As my path before me lies,

My heart’s deception, my hope and ego,

My id has locked me out of my mind.

But who am I, and who are you,

Are we gods in our own heads?

A place with names, a place with purpose

That’s where I will end.

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